Here are some answers to the questions we get asked most frequently. If you can't see what you're looking for, please contact us at or on (03) 9342 7888.

General Questions

What is Footy Colours Day?

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Footy Colours Day is Fight Cancer Foundation’s national community fundraising event which asks participants to host an event at their workplace, school, club or home and wear their favourite footy colours for kids with cancer.

What sports are included in Footy Colours Day?

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Footy Colours Day celebrates all footy codes! Whether you follow Australian Rules, Rugby League, Ruby Union or Football, wear your favourite team's colours proudly!

Who can take part?

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Anyone! Register online, we'd love to have you on board.

What date is Footy Colours Day?

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While September is the ‘official’ Footy Colours Day month, you can host your event on any date you like.

Do I have to participate in September?

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Absolutely not! You can host your Footy Colours Day event any day of the year.

Where does my fundraising money go?

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The money you raise through Footy Colours Day funds Fight Cancer Foundation’s accommodation and research programs. Our services and support help make sure that families who must travel to access cancer treatment can stay together, without having to worry about the cost of accommodation in a new city. They also help reduce the emotional, physical and financial impact of cancer. You can read more about your impact here.

Who is Fight Cancer Foundation?

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Fight Cancer Foundation is a national charity dedicated to providing care, treatment and support for cancer patients and their families and funding vital research into cancer treatment and cures.

Questions about Registration

How do I register?

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You can register online here or call us on (03) 9342 7888 if you are having trouble.

Why do I have to register?

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We ask you to register so that we can email you a link to your free digital welcome kit with all the resources you need to help you kick goals with your event. It also helps us to keep track and communicate with our amazing participants!  

What is an online fundraising page?

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An online fundraising page acts as a mini webpage for your event. It allows you to collect donations online without the need for cash. Simply send your page link out to colleagues, families and friends or post the link to your social media to encourage them to donate to your Footy Colours Day event!

Can I have an offline fundraising page? 

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All fundraisers for Footy Colours Day 2023 automatically receive a fundraising page as part of the sign up process. This provides you more opportunities to seamlessly fundraise, as donations can be made by your school community directly to your online fundraising page. 


You can still fundraise offline, with two easy ways to add your cash donations to your fundraising profile. 

I'm neither a school or workplace, can I still register?

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Yes anyone can take part in Footy Colours Day! If you are a group, club or other please complete a workplace registration here.  

What is a Group and why should I create one for my workplace?

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Creating a Group allows you to set up multiple workplace pages that are linked as one overall fundraising group. This is perfect for workplaces with various branches to inspire a bit of healthy competition while all fundraising towards the one goal.

For example:
Head office = Group page
Local store #1, Local store #2 = linked workplace pages

I created a Group, how do I share it to encourage others in my company to join?

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Great idea, the bigger the squad, the better the victory! You can invite other branches to join your Group by logging in here. Then, visit your Group Page ‘Dashboard” and you will see options to invite others to join your group. They can also do so by visiting your Group page and clicking on the pink “Join Us” button.

What is a supporter number and why is it important?

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A supporter number is given to you if you elect not to have an online fundraising page. This unique number allows us to identify and attribute your donation to you.  This is important in order to issue you a tax receipt for your donation and acknowledge all your hard work!

Where do I find my supporter number?

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Your supporter number will be emailed to you prior to your event along with your banking instructions form.

What if I lose my supporter number?

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If you lose your supporter number just send us an email at or call 03 9342 7888 and a member of our team will be happy to help!

Questions about Hosting

Do I get a host kit and what is in it?

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To ensure as many of the funds raised by Footy Colours Day participants are directed to our education support programs, we no longer send physical participation packs. Once you register, we’ll email you a free digital welcome kit with all the resources you need to help you kick goals with your event!

What support do I get from Fight Cancer Foundation?

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Once you register, we’ll email you a free digital welcome kit with all the resources you need to help you kick goals with your event. We’ll also be in touch regularly via email with fundraising tips and information on where your funds go and the difference your fundraising is making. If you need any help, you can contact our team on 03 9342 7888.

Can I get more decorations and resources?

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You can! We have lots of free downloadable decorations and resources in our Tips and Tools hub here!

How do I raise more funds?

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To maximise your fundraising efforts here are some tips you might like to try!

  • Don’t be afraid to ask!
  • Ask local businesses or clubs to donate items for a raffle or morning tea
  • Extend your circle – ask friends of friends to donate to your event
  • Communicate the impact their donation will have for kids with cancer 
  • Ask your workplace if they would be willing to dollar match – many are!

What do I do if I want to change my event date?

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You can either email us or call us on (03) 9342 7888 and let us know the rescheduled date.

How do we advise FCD of a change in contact person originally advised?

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You can either email us or call us on (03) 9342 7888 and let us know the new details of the person running the event.

What is the Hall of Fame?

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We have so many wonderful participants each year who continually blow us away with both their support and creativity. The Hall of Fame is our way of saying thanks and spotlighting participants for their incredible Footy Colours Day spirit!

How do I apply for the Hall of Fame?

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Simply complete this form and attach your photos to go in the running!

Questions about Banking

Are donations tax-deductible?

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Yes, all donations over $2.00 are tax-deductible.

Can I encourage more people to donate to my workplace or school’s Footy Colours Day?

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Absolutely and it’s so easy to do so! Simply log in to your dashboard, click on the “Get Support” section and at the click of a button you can either share your fundraising page link out via your social network or send a pre-written email to friends and family. People are then able to donate directly to your page!

How do I add cash donations to my fundraising page?

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The easiest way is to make a donation directly to your online fundraising page and keep the cash yourself.

Alternatively, you can deposit the funds in person at a bank or via bank transfer, however, these funds will not automatically appear on your page. To ensure your page reflects all your hard work you can add an offline donation. You can do this on your fundraising hub, under ‘My Donations’. Log in here.

Can I add my cash donations via a bank transfer? 

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If you elected not to have an online fundraising page or do not wish to add the cash donations yourself, you can either donate your funds online by making a contribution to the whole campaign, donate in person at your nearest Commonwealth Bank branch or via direct bank transfer. Our details are as follows:

BSB:                                  063-003

Account Number:            10134850 

Account Name: Fight Cancer Foundation Footy Colours Day

Date Banked:                     ____/____/ 2023

When making a bank deposit or bank transfer, don’t forget to include your unique supporter number or name of your fundraising profile so we can identify your donation!

If completing a bank deposit, should I send a copy of the receipt?

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Yes, once funds are deposited at the bank please email us a copy of the receipt and your supporter number (found on your banking instructions form) so we can allocate the funds to you when they come through.

Why do I need to keep my bank receipt?

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We sometimes do not receive funds that supporters have banked, so it assists in tracking the money deposited.

How do I get my tax receipt? 

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All donations made via the Footy Colours Day website are automatically issued a tax receipt to the donor at the time of donation.

If you donated in person, via direct bank transfer or by post, once we receive your donation, and provided you used your supporter number, a tax receipt will be emailed to you for the lump sum of your donation. If you require an individual tax receipt please contact a member of our team. Note: we can only provide one form of tax receipt.

What should I do if we did not go ahead with our event?

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We understand that sometimes even the best laid plans can go awry! If your Footy Colours Day event did not go ahead, we simply ask that you let us know so we can update our records. Please email or phone us on (03) 9342 7888 to let us know as soon as possible.

What should we do if we have an event but no funds are raised?

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So we can update our records and ensure you are not sent follow up emails, please email or phone us on (03) 9342 7888 to let us know.

If the event does not go ahead can we still collect funds and send through?

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Of course! Every dollar we receive goes a long way in supporting kids with cancer. You can make a donation to the campaign here.

Can we use funds raised from our Footy Colours Day event to make a donation to another charity or event?

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While there a many worthy causes, we depend on funds raised through Footy Colours Day to enable us to help kids fihgt cancer through our accommodation program. It is important that all funds raised under the Footy Colours Day banner are sent to us.

For donations above $2, by law, all donors need to clearly state which charity they are supporting and must be issued with a receipt from that charity. 



In the spirit of reconciliation, Fight Cancer Foundation acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of Country throughout Australia and their connections to land, sea and community. We pay our respect to their Elders past and present and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today.