Join Our Team!

We’re calling on all Australians to unite and wear your favourite team colours with pride on Footy Colours Day, Friday 2nd September to raise funds to fight cancer.

For over 25 years Fight Cancer Foundation has worked to help cancer patients and their families. Through people like you supporting Footy Colours Day, Fight Cancer Foundation helps thousands of young Australians with cancer continue with their education.

Football unites communities – whether you follow AFL, NRL, A League, Rugby Union or any other sport – unite, stand shoulder-to-shoulder with your fellow Aussies and support young Australians living with cancer.

Footy Colours Day is easy to organise and fun! Register your School, Organisation or Club, get your community involved and show your true colours this Footy Colours Day season (don’t forget to read the useful Tips & Ideas section to get you started!).

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